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October 2002

10/31/02 Bessie of Lake Erie Ohio.com

10/31/02 French nuts upset over Halloween TBO

10/31/02 Ghosts making contact through the computer Sacramento Bee

10/31/02 Halloween brings out spooks Hernando Today

10/31/02 Nightmare before Halloween get Disney props NCBuy

10/31/02 Halloween turns kids into monsters NCBuy

10/31/02 2,624 Pumpkins Yahoo

10/31/02 Reward offered for pumpkin smasher Yahoo

10/31/02 Dracula lures fans Yahoo

10/31/02 Ghosts in old capitol newsobserver

10/31/02 Tread lightly, spirits Plain Dealer

10/31/02 Searching the local haunts AL.com

10/31/02 Erie's creatures Ohio.com

10/31/02 Not all ghosts the same NCBuy

10/30/02 Spooky St. Petersburg SPTimes

10/30/02 Stage fright Press Herald

10/30/02 Halloween mockingNewsday

10/30/02 Halloween good for land lords NCBuy

10/29/02 Under the spell of black cats Sun-Herald

10/29/02 Trailer park ghosts ABC

10/29/02 Ladies of the night OCRegister

10/29/02 Superstitions Knoxnews

10/29/02 Boo in Boulder InsideDever

10/28/02 Haunted hotel zwire

10/28/02 Conference explains paranormal colligian

10/27/02 Camera to detect ghosts LJWorld

10/27/02 Reformatory ghost News Journal

10/27/02 Haunted BC Canada.com

10/26/02 Ghost causing accidents BBC

10/25/02 Haunted Washington DC Fredricksburg.com

10/25/02 Pumpkin Picasso harvesting lots of cash NCBuy

10/25/02 Horse psychics Shropshirestar

10/25/02 A ghost story Naplesnews

10/25/02 Seattle ghostbusters Seattlepi

10/24/02 Some ghost stories true zwire

10/23/02 Happy Halloween four-eyes NCBuy

10/22/02 Parents are Halloween candy thieves NCBuy

10/22/02 Scary Apples!! Yahoo

10/21/02 Wooden Crosses to ward of angry spirits Ananova

10/20/02 Phantom or phenomenon St.PetersburgTimes

10/20/02 Queen Mary's ghost get even Press-Telegram

10/19/02 Nude ghost thief Guardian

10/19/02 Why we love Nessie and Bigfoot SearchCanada.com

10/18/02 Santa Clarita needs Bigfoot TheSignal

10/18/02 Croatian soccer team seeks spiritual ghostbuster Reuters

10/17/02 More sexy broom news SFGate

10/17/02 Nessie has competition Charlotte

10/17/02 Oprah for Witches NCBuy

10/17/02 19th century pranks stirs urban legend DailyNewsTribune

10/17/02 Edinburgh's haunted lane BBC

10/17/02 Martha a real witch Yahoo

10/17/02 Savannah ghost hunters AccessNorthGa

10/14/02 Haunted Detroit HeritageSunday

10/14/02 Minn Bigfoot hunter TwinCities

10/14/02 Stories of Paranormal Gazette

10/14/02 Best little haunted whorehouse NCBuy

10/12/02 Savannah America's most haunted city Yahoo

10/07/02 Grave robbers 7online

10/07/02 I chased Bigfoot Eureka Times

10/07/02 Devil of a film Trentonian

10/07/02 3 Ton pumpkin theft Newsday

10/04/02 1,245 lb pumpkin Newsday

10/04/02 Vampire novelist finds readers batty NCBuy

10/04/02 Bark or treat NCBuy

10/03/02 Haunted Hard Rock Hotel NCBuy

10/03/02 Back to black NCBuy


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