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October 2001

10-31-01 Cell phones kill ghosts Vnunet.com

10-31-01 Choccolocco prankster finally tells tale Anniston Star

10-31-01 Patapsco Female Institute haunted? Sunspot.net

10-30-01 Hunters to trap Nessie The Scotsman

10-30-01 British investigators find traces of Yeti Ananova

10-29-01 Montana farmer didn't shoot Bigfoot Missoulian

10-27-01 Skeptics and psychics battle it out National Post

10-26-01 Romania creating new image for Dracula Ananova

10-25-01 Seance at Newhall's House Daily News

10-24-01 Cop moonlights as ghostbuster Newsday

10-24-01 High-tech Ghostbusting eTechnology

10-24-01 Spirit possession and how to avoid it INQ7

10-23-01 Priest protest Draculaland Planetsave

10-23-01 Nazca lines theory Greenwich Time

10-21-01 Sad tale of a haunted house Telegraph

10-21-01 In search of ghosts Fayetteville

10-20-01 Australian Yowie SMH

10-18-01 Pub ghosts' caught on tape Cheshire Online

10-16-01 Titanic exhibit haunted Ananova

10-14-01 Cell phones spook ghosts Yahoo

10-11-01 Ghost in the Aisle Montreal Gazette

10-09-01 Painting restores itself Ananova

10-08-01 Queen Victoria possessed Guardian

10-07-01 Jersey full of ghosts Trentonian

10-05-01 Ghosts increase property value Austin Biz Journal

10-04-01 Hexenschule opens in Austrailia Ananova

10-02-01 Glow sticks cause of UFO sightings Deseret

10-02-01 Magnetic Grandson Ananova

10-02-01 Halloween ghost hunt from Tower of London Ananova

10-01-01 Magnetic man pulls car The Star




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