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September 2003

09/30/03 Robert Palmer girls live on forever this Halloween NCBuy

09/30/03 Boozing ghost haunt towers Townsville Bulletin

09/27/03 Haunted holes Vail Daily

09/25/03 This hotel is frightful Evening Post

09/23/03 More on Mothman statue Gazette-Mail

09/23/03 Mothman lives Daily Mail

09/23/03 Creeping up on ghosts Courier-Journal

09/18/03 Indian city spooked by 'ghost' photo Ananova

09/17/03 Royal Forest staffed spooked Guardian

09/14/03 Charlatan in a monkey suit?l SFGate

09/12/03 Policeman flees ghost riders ICChuddersfield

09/11/03 Ghosts haunt city hall Bulletin

09/10/03 Drive-by pumpkins News.com.au

09/09/03 Hideous museums ABC

09/08/03 Pier's ghostly goings on EDP24

09/08/03 Spending the night in a haunted pub EDP24

09/08/03 Infrasound linked to spooky effects MSN

09/07/03 Soundless music = ghosts? Yahoo

09/05/03 Bump in the night ABC

09/05/03 Swedish university interviewing for ghost professor Sun-Sentinel

09/05/03 Spook house tour News Sentinel


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