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September 2002

9/27/02 Satan in San Mateo SanMateoCountyTimes

9/27/02 Sexy pumpkin gets best of man MacombDaily

9/26/02 Dowsing for bodies TriCityHerald

9/25/02 Clinics closed due to witchcraft AllAfrica

9/24/02 'Evil red eyes' haunt Goggaman trial witness IOL

9/23/02 Annual Bigfoot conference ClickonDetroit

9/19/02 Magic Circle Daily Record

9/18/02 Psychic Investigator team forming NCBuy

9/18/02 Haunted ballroom GoEdwardsville

9/17/02 Ghost hunting Tech ABC

9/14/02 ISU Professor seeks sasquatch truth Journal Net

9/12/02 Skeptics Challenge Friday the 13th superstitions NCBuy

9/12/02 Monster statue marks UFO 50th anniversary Ananova

9/12/02 Does Bigfoot lurk in Pa. mountains Tribune Democrat

9/11/02 Psychic predicts ghost parade NCBuy

9/10/02 Tale of Russian Bigfoot Pravda

9/10/02 Local man to travel through center of Earth NCBuy

9/09/02 London vampires BBC

9/09/02 Watch out Hogwarts Ananova

9/06/02 Cursed House NYPost

9/06/02 Boy shoots father for fear of vampires Ananova

9/05/02 Ghost hitchhikers Pravda

9/04/02 Yeti hair Ananova

9/03/02 A Roman ghost is haunting us thisisthenortheast

9/03/02 Spellbound by signs thisisgloucestershire

9/02/02 Miracles of the mindless PRAVDA

9/01/02 Coalition blesses haunted creek AJC.com

9/01/02 Witchcraft police Yahoo


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