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September 2001

9-30-01 Florida Pagan Pride Day Jacksonville

9-30-01 Hollywood putting the bite on Dracula land BBC

9-30-01 Royal Mail Telepathy reference causes row Ananova

9-28-01 Grave robbing linked to witches Ananova

9-25-01 Romanian witches taxed Ananova

9-25-01 Spontaneous combustion or demons? Ananova

9-23-01 Nessie has cousins in Utah? Deseret News

9-23-01 Oily Men captured in Malaysia Star.com

9-21-01 Patriotic Halloween costumes sell big Nando Times

9-19-01 Witch Doctor punished for false advertising Ananova

9-17-01 Edinburgh tourists attacked by ghost Ananova

9-14-01 More Satanic images from WTC smoke 9 News

9-13-01 Satan seen in WTC smoke MLive.com

9-13-01 Spirits block Uganda dam NYTimes

9-11-01 Exorcisms thriving ABC

9-09-01 Wicca on the rise in Scotland Sunday Times

9-08-01 Unfriendly ghosts in Scotland Edinburgh News

9-08-01 Skeptics open center in LA Sacramento Bee

9-08-01 Website to track UFOs JS Online

9-07-01 Dracula park to double in size Ananova

9-04-01 MacBeth curse Ananova

9-03-01 Romanian witches hold curse conference Ananova

9-02-01 USS Lexington denies Ghost Hunters Caller Times

9-1-01 Hauntings good for B&B's WRAL.com


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