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August 2003

08/30/03 Ghost caught on snapshot WLBT

08/28/03 Ghosts of the Tube This is London

08/24/03 Bigfoot remains possibility ChicoER

08/24/03 Proctor Valley Monster SignOnSanDiego

08/24/03 Champ luring fans to Vermont Boston.com

08/21/03 West Virginia's paranormal history Daily Mail

08/19/03 Ales of the past IC South London

08/19/03 Ghostly goings on at pub IC Birmingham

08/19/03 League of Extraordinary Paranormal Gentlemen NCBuy

08/19/03 Luke the spook GMToday

08/18/03 Witches claim government did it NCBuy

08/18/03 ET's make bird brained crop circles NCBuy

08/14/03 Sexy offerings for Hungry Ghosts The Star

08/14/03 Freddy vs Jason spawns rumors NCBuy

08/13/03 Hong Kong throws water on Hungry Ghosts Boston.com

08/12/03 Devil's Backbone Tavern holds up Daily Texan

08/11/03 Full moon fiction Sun-Sentinel

08/11/03 Freddy vs. Jason debate haunting rapping mortician NCBuy

08/11/03 Ghost hunting brisk business in Fredericksburg Fredericksburg

08/10/03 The ghosts of Duffy's cut Delcotimes

08/09/03 Bear Lake monster Deseret News

08/08/03 Ghosts of Linden Hill Morrison County Record

08/02/03 Tourism capitalizing on Savannahs haunted past Augusta Chronicle

08/01/03 Teen get big scare while ghost hunting ABC

08/01/03 Witch house to be auctioned MetroWest

08/01/03 Burial ground horror show NYPost


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