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August 2002

08-31-02 Tour highlights spooky tales Schuylkill

08-29-02 Life imitating art in rural cornfields Lansing State Journal

08-29-02 Ghost hunters seek ghosts Journal and Courier

08-29-02 Friendly ghost keeps railway workers company Stuff

08-29-02 TV crew hunting legend of ghost ShropshireStar

08-29-02 Ghost hunting dog wanted NCBuy

08-28-02 Haunted toll both NCBuy

08-26-02 Ghost film promotion scares underground passengers Ananova

08-24-02 Black cat statue removed to improve luck Ananova

08-22-02 Hungry headless ghost spotted in canteen CNN

08-22-02 Hungry headless ghosts Ananova

08-21-02 London supermarket ghost caught on film ThisisLocalLondon

08-21-02 Maritime mysteries of the Queen's house ThisisLocalLondon

08-21-02 Tales of the supernatural ThisisLocalLondon

08-18-02 Hawaii haunted firestation Honolulu Star

08-18-02 Victim's ghost drives murderers to confess itechnology.com

08-14-02 Canada abuzz with UFO's Canada.com

08-16-02 I make crop circles BBC

08-13-02 Tombstone ATMs NCBuy

08-12-02 Muhnochwa rioting Hindustan Times

08-11-02 Haunted Pocahontas Parkway TimesDispatch

08-11-02 Glamorous fairy spirits Japan Times

08-10-02 USA's first crop circle report Star Tribune

08-09-02 More on the Berry Hill ghost Herald Tribune

08-08-02 Glamorous fairy spirits China Daily

08-07-02 'Dead' man asks for water at funeral Ananova

08-07-02 Flying octopus latest Indian scare Ananova

08-07-02 Performer quits because venue haunted Ananova

08-06-02 Thousands of Bigfoot roam country Newsnet5

08-05-02 Pub ghost is Robbie Williams fan NCBuy

08-06-02 Crop circles baffle farmer Ananova

08-04-02 Lure of the spirit world TheStar

08-02-02 Bigfoot MSNBC

08-02-02 Bottom pinching ghost Ananova


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