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August 2001

8-29-01 Bigfoot prints found in Central Asia Ananova

8-25-01 Medicine man captures vampire StraitsTimes

8-25-01 Medicine man captures vampire Ananova

8-22-01 Crime scene is a movie Ananova

8-22-01 Proof of Canadian Nessie Ananova

8-21-01 Dracula's castle in court Nando

8-21-01 South's haunted inns ZWire

8-19-01 Canadian UFO sightings on the rise TVforBC.com

8-19-01 Full Moon drives people crazy Deseret News

8-18-01 Belief in ghosts rising SLC Tribune

8-18-01 Vermont's Nessie National Post

8-17-01 Monkeyman replaced by Mr. Horror in India The Hindu

8-15-01 Gangster's ghost appears at wedding Ananova

8-14-01 Witches to raise MacBeth's spirit Ananova

8-14-01 Britain's most haunted pub ICNewcastle

8-11-01 Ventura calls for UFO disclosure World News

8-10-01 More ghost troubles in Malaysian schools Ananova

8-09-01 Wax museum to immortalize Karloff, Lugosi monsters Yahoo

8-09-01 Permanent viewing center for mysterious lights OA Online

8-06-01 Haunted Topeka CJ Online

8-05-01 Haunted Chicago Chicago Sun

8-05-01 Castle ranks as one of Scariest Places thisislondon

8-04-01 Ghosts make woman's life misery Cumbriaonline

8-04-01 Fire gives life to old tales Globe and Mail

8-03-01 British museum to exorcise spirits The Star

8-03-01 Kate's Friendly Ghost Miami Herald

8-01-01 Hyena-like creature Ananova


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