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July 2002

07-30-02 Headmaster flees as hysteria grips school Daily News

07-29-02 Harvesting a hoax NY Daily News

07-28-02 Ripper tied to occult Guardian Unlimited

07-27-02 Witchcraft put fish hooks in my stomach Ananova

07-24-02 Junkyard ghost on tape KFOR

07-24-02 Boat Party seeks phantoms BBC

07-24-02 Paranormal beliefs caused by brain chemistry Ananova

07-23-02 Berry Hill, the haunted hotel NY Times

07-23-02 Headstone to baffle the devil Ananova

07-21-02 Bite Me Independent News

07-21-02 Crawling ghost strikes fear in India Times of India

07-21-02 More Monkeyman in India Ananova

07-17-02 Ukrainian cannibals Guardian

07-18-02 Signs called rubbish Ananova

07-16-02 Welsh vampire BBC

07-15-02 Stonehenge crop circle Ananova

07-12-02 Britain's ghost capitol ThisisDevon

07-10-02 Bigfoot-print? SignonSanDiego

07-10-02 Tall tales of the skunk ape Bradenton

07-10-02 Chupacabra reports prompt fear Brownsville Herald

07-09-02 'Monster Man' on the loose Ananova

07-09-02 Boy wakes up in morgue Ananova


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