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July 2001

7-31-01 Two die, dozens hurt in ghost scare Yahoo

7-30-01 Do you need a Bigfoot Kit? KATU

7-30-01 Lady Ghost Haunts Boston Island VNY

7-30-01 Colored rain falls in India BBC

7-30-01 How many skeletons are in your closet? Yahoo

7-29-01 Mysterious mutilations leave law perplexed and cattle scared Houston Chron

7-28-01 Blackbeard's ghost haunts Ocracoke Fredericksburg

7-19-01 Bairstow joins "Wolf Lake" Ananova - CBS

7-22-01 Ghostly experiences draw skeptical society together Boston Globe

7-21-01 New theory on Tunguska Blast The Times

7-19-01 Sex crazed ghost scares Zanzibar BBC

7-18-01 Cree spirit haunts museum Ottawa Citizen

7-18-01 Ohio angel weeps tears of blood News Net 5

7-18-01 Portraits painted in your blood Ananova

7-16-01 Russian crop circles proof of alien visit Yahoo

7-15-01 Handel's home to get exorcism Ananova

7-14-01 Kangaroo dogs strike fear in Philippines Sun Star

7-13-01 Russian crop circles prove Alien visit Yahoo

7-11-01 Dracula in court over wine Yahoo

7-09-01 Witches upset over broomstick flight Yahoo


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