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June 2002

06-26-02 Dracula haunts theme park Ananova

06-24-02 Battle for state ghost town SFGate

06-23-02 Scotland hotbed for UFO activity Ananova

06-21-02 Stink blamed on Ghost NCBuy

06-21-02 Eerie calm ignites ghost stories Brainerd

06-17-02 Search for Bigfoot draws blank Ananova

06-16-02 Olympic peninsula Bigfoot sighting King5

06-11-02 Hearing spiders? Skynews

06-10-02 Hunt begins for Norwegian Nessie Ananova 

06-09-02 Ghostbusting the Presidio SFGate 

06-08-02 Funerary CPR Ananova 

06-07-02 Not guilty because victim a vampire Cincinnati Enquirer 

06-06-02 Fairies, the next little thing Santa Cruz Metroactive

06-05-02 Haunted pubs Thisisthenortheast

06-05-02 Ghost story Orlando Sentinel

06-02-02 Bigfoot video makes believers  mad The Star


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