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May 2003

05/28/03 Pub spirits EveningNews24

05/27/03 Curse of the quarter CNN

05/26/03 Leprechaun watch thepeople

05/25/03 Dracula scholars Yahoo

05/21/03 Ghosts all in the mind BBC

05/22/03 Spiritualists insist ghosts do exist Bath Chronicle

05/21/03 Psychic vampires hunt at church NCBuy

05/21/03 Ghostly Magnetism BBC

05/20/03 Host to Ghosts WPVI

05/16/03 Gate Studio ghost Local London

05/16/03 Who was Dracula's mom? Yahoo

05/10/03 Memphremagog sighted Caledonian Record

05/08/03 Norway asked to apologize to witches Nettavisen

05/07/03 Ghostbuster class Deseret News

05/06/03 Lestat the musical CNN

05/06/03 Victoria-Era home has extra guest Portland Tribune

05/04/03 Bigfoot symposium Eureka Times

05/02/03 When spooky became scary Evening Telegraph


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