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May 2002

05-29-02 Sapanta's colorful graves New York Times

05-29-02 Claudia Schiffer's haunted house EADT

05-28-02 Man kills vampire mom Ananova

05-28-02 Analyzing bigfoot sound Caller.com

05-27-02 Dracula park update Yahoo

05-27-02 Mexico City's crowded cemeteries TBO

05-23-02 Bigfoot print KFMBTV

05-22-02 Black cats are bad NCBuy

05-20-02 Bigfoot bangs may prove presence NCBuy

05-19-02 Civil War ghost haunts naval yard YorkWeekly

05-17-02 Demon Buster Cincinnati Post

05-15-02 Vampire bats attack Ananova

05-13-02 Ghost hunters take job seriously Gazette

05-13-02 Brown Mountain lights Journal Now

05-13-02 Oregon Bigfoot convention update AZCentral

05-11-02 Death for Japanese faith doctor Washington Post

05-10-02 Listening to the dead CNN

05-10-02 Aswang wreaks havoc Sun Star

05-09-02 Obsessed Nessie hunter NZHerald

05-08-02 Flowers add to ghost story Columbus Dispatch

05-07-02 Japan's haunted history LA Times

05-07-02 National media sidesteps UFO's Florida Today

05-07-02 King won't pull reporters legs anymore NCBuy

05-07-02 Kingdom of Dracula ABCNews

05-06-02 Kingdom of Dracula YahooUK

05-03-02 'Survivor' goes to haunted prison NCBuy

05-02-02 Crater Lake monster News-Press

05-02-02 Lock Ness Monster Day Guardian

05-01-02 Frankenstein based on real Scotsman Guardian


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