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May 2001

5-29-01 Cat haunted Ohio lighthouse News Net 5

5-26-01 Monkey-man morphs into werewolf Indian Express

5-22-01 The hunt for Canadian Cadborosaurus is on Ananova

5-22-01 Monkey Man panic spreads in India Yahoo

5-17-01 Reward offered in Monkey Man mystery CNN

5-15-01 Half ape-half man creature terrorizes New Delhi Yahoo - Fortean

5-14-01 Monkey Man terrorizes Delhi India Online

5-14-01 Proof of supernatural at UTB?! Brownsville Herald

5-14-01 Phantom of the Opera opens in London theater... now with 300% more phantom Local London

5-12-01 Dracula experts bid to open Dracula theme park Ananova

5-11-01 Move over Dolly, Vlad the Impailer to be cloned Ananova

5-09-01 'Haunted' wooden lion scaring Spanards Ananova

5-07-01 Painting of ghost haunts artist About

5-07-01 Pele's wrath alive and well in the 21st century LA Times

5-05-01 Suspected witch axed to death Express India

5-04-01 Non-partisan haunting in Springfield Il Sun Times

5-03-01 Ghost stories aren't just for entertainment in India Ananova

5-03-01 Search for ghost reveals death Ananova


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