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April 2003

04/30/03 Suburban haunt Star Telegram

04/28/03 A regular haunt ic Newcastle

04/25/03 Atchison ghosts Atchison online

04/25/03 Haunted tavern NJ.com

04/23/03 Human bones found at haunted house WCPO.com

04/22/03 Ghostography Richmond.com

04/22/03 Poltergeist revealed to be meteor shower BBC

04/18/03 Haunted sex club NCbuy

04/13/03 Haunted IMU Hoosier Times

04/13/03 Life in a city of spirits Washington Post

04/13/03 Ghosthunters get a fright BBC

04/11/03 Ghost of Barfing Bob IndianaStatesman

04/04/03 Farmers blame vampires for chicken deaths Ananova

04/04/03 Gnome sighting in Ecuador Ananova

04/02/03 Katie Holmes in "Phantom of the Opera" NCBuy


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