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April 2002

04-30-02 Nessie Day announced Ananova

04-30-02 Merry Cemetery BBC

04-30-02 Christians violate Witches rights CNN

04-29-02 Ghost speaks TNOnline

04-23-02 Golphing Bigfoot Koin

04-21-02 A look at superstition WilmingtonStar

04-21-02 Ghost hunting hit or miss SBTribune

04-19-02 400 Villagers hold farmers hostage Ananova

04-19-02 Bigfoot like PB&J sandwiches NCBuy

04-18-02 Dracula fails to fly CNN

04-16-02 Haunted radio station to close Sunday Mail

04-16-02 Greenpeace protests Draculaland Ananova

04-16-02 Dracula to adopt Ananova

04-15-02 Satan banning mayor update Nando Times

04-14-02 Wolf Boy goes home Telegraph

04-14-02 Expedition seeks paranormal pit Seattle Times

04-14-02 Ghost prostitute Ananova

04-11-02 Fan builds munster house KHOU

04-10-02 Haunted prison Maine Today

04-10-02 Romanian Satanists attack graves Ananova

04-08-02 VR ghost hunt Ananova

04-08-02 Missed ghost call? Times

04-08-02 Mean Pub Ghost Sac Bee

04-08-02 LA Coroner's office is rat infested Ananova

04-08-02 LA Coroner's office is rat infested Sac Bee

04-07-02 Strange Bavarian lights Netscape

04-06-02 Black magic for beginners News24

04-05-02 Witchdoctors get paid Reuters

04-04-02 Pub gets ghost insurance Ananova

04-04-02 Miss Cleo's past New Times

04-04-02 Teen ritually strangled Yahoo

04-03-02 Moon crankiness Helsingin

04-03-02 Human sacrifice revived BBC

04-02-02 Haunted baseball cards NCBuy


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