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March 2004

03/31/04 Church of Scotland to address demon possession Ekklesia

03/30/04 Haunted trolley turns 100 Canada.com

03/28/04 Can ghosts be explained scientifically Daily Home

03/25/04 Fred the ghost Mcall

03/24/04 Villagers decry vampire investigation Kansas

03/24/04 Hunt is on for street ghosts EveningTimes

03/23/04 Strange Brew The Age

03/20/04 Monster or myth? DesMoinesRegister

03/19/04 Haunted house gets the axe Clovis

03/18/04 Spooky woman haunts Martin's spy cameraHighland

03/18/04 Dracula park to open CNN

03/18/04Kylie: I see dead people Sun

03/18/04 Something spooky Renfrewshire

03/17/04 Strange spirit put us through hell IOL

03/17/04 Ghost of St. Patrick's day past Morning Sun

03/16/04 More live visitors, fewer dead ones Canada.com

03/14/04 Ghost story Daily Tribune

03/11/04 Oregon Vortex for sale ABC

03/11/04 Downtown's haunted house Skyway

03/09/04 Spooked firefighters Firehouse

03/08/04 Iowa Bigfoot revealed Journal-Express

03/08/04 Ghostly tales come to life at castle icCoventry

03/07/04 Sasquatch speaks Washington Post

03/07/04 Dracula not to blame for killings icWales

03/04/04 Delray pub has haunting tale Post

03/02/04 A property possessed NewsShopper

03/02/04 Queen Mary gets all new ghost tourYahoo


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