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March 2002

03-29-02 Florida ghosts big business OrlandoSentinel

03-28-02 Tall Tales = Bigfoot RegisterGuard

03-25-02 Call goes out for paranormal investigators Ananova

03-25-02 Blade 2 inaccurate NCBuy

03-24-02 Australian UFO sightings ABC

03-20-02 Indian bigfoot caught on cape Ananova

03-19-02 Largest ghost hunt wins award Ananova

03-18-02 Dracula video released to promote Romania tourism Ananova

03-18-02 We saw bigfoot StraitsTimes

03-14-02 Murdered bandit queen haunts home Ananova

03-12-02 Bavarian ghost story F.A.Z

03-12-02 UFO Convention Salt Lake Tribune

03-12-02 Odds on finding Nessie improve Ananova

03-10-02 In search of Yeti Worldnetdaily

03-10-02 Mob ghosts haunt NYC restaurant NYPost.com

03-09-02 Voodoo priest jailed CNN

03-08-02 Statue's tears faked by drug addict Ananova

03-07-02 Hundreds report UFO sightings in Yugoslavia Ananova

03-07-02 Frozen dead guy festival Netscape

03-06-02 Superstition hazardous to your health NewsJournal

03-03-02 Bigfoot in San Francisco SFGate

03-03-02 Haunted Camp Pendleton LA Times

03-01-02 Mummy in the mattress Click2Houston


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