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March 2001

3-28-01 English haunt debunked Ananova

3-26-01 Zealots burn Potter books ABC

3-20-01 Monks rid ghosts from Hong Kong newspaper Ananova

3-18-01 Man sells soul on ebay Boston Herald

3-15-01 New hunt is on for Lough Ree Irish Times

3-15-01 Haunted curtains lead woman to arson BBC

3-14-01 Swedes believe in ghosts / phenomena Independent Online

3-12-01 Haunted Railroad crossing examined About

3-12-01 Stephen King to sell latest book only online ABC

2-22-01 Cary Grant haunts English club Brighton&Hove

2-22-01 Ghostly monk haunts English prison Ananova

12-15-00 Exorcisms in big demand SF Chronicle

3-01-00 Missing link photographed / Yeti scam exposed Fortean


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