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February 2004

02/29/04 Things go bump in night on film set SundayTimes

02/28/04 New England vampires Westerly Sun

02/26/04 An American werewolf JSOnline

02/26/04 Vampire dug up TheSun

02/23/04 Ghost hunters encounter signs Atchison

02/23/04 Shopping for Wiccans and pagans Gazzette-Times

02/23/04 More on the investigation of the battleship North Carolina DailySoutherner

02/23/04 Ghost hunters investigate battleship NBC17

02/20/04 Bay area man wages war on spiritualism, occult St.PetersburgTimes

02/20/04 Ghost tour mix history, lore NewsPress

02/18/04 Ghostly goings-on puzzle pub couple Bucksherald

02/18/04 Freddie got fingered Herald Sun

02/17/04 Get me out of here it's haunted Scotsman

02/16/04 Tales from the dark side TheStar

02/14/04 Ghost detectives never lonely ICWales

02/14/04 CT's Vampire lore lures film crew CTNow

02/13/04 Cool new "Young Wizards" toys Business Wire

02/12/04 Ghostly tale haunts Mine Hill tavern Recorder

02/11/04 Anne Rice moving to the 'burbs Houston Chronicle

02/10/04 The truth is out there Scotsman

02/10/04 Witches were ergot poisoned Nettavisen

02/08/04 Funeral plans for the Cool Ghoul FOX19

02/08/04 Ghost hunters investigate Oxford Hotel 9News

02/08/04 Mine Hill haunt gets ghost check DailyRecord

02/06/04 Haunted pub story upsets son of landlady ICSouthLondon

02/06/04 Tavern haunted or just scaring up business? AZCentral

02/06/04 Annapolis ghost hunters try to prove tavern haunted WTOPNews


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