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February 2003

02/25/03 Witches now 'in' femail.co.uk

02/24/03 New bridge to replace haunted NewsOK.com

02/24/03 Haunted forest Norwich Bulletin

02/23/03 Spooked couple flee haunted house Sunday Times

02/22/03 Castle ghosts haunt workmen Scotsman.com

02/20/03 Researchers see specter in NC statehouse SFGate

02/20/03 Cemetery ghost caught on film Ananova

02/19/03 Impossible feet icNewcstle

02/17/03 Mary King's ghost Scotsman.com

02/17/03 The Exorcist Belfast Telegraph

02/13/03 Haunted highway icNorthWales

02/12/03 Horny Skunk Ape NCBuy

02/12/03 Four killed in exorcism iafrica.com

02/11/03 Dracula missing Ananova

02/10/03 Britain's most haunted house sold BBC

02/06/03 Malawi vampires IOL

02/06/03 More on Dracula land Boston Globe

02/06/03 Lego carnage NCBuy

02/05/03 Talking head for the undead East Bay Express

02/05/03 New look for old haunt Scotsman.com

02/03/03 Haunted Benicia BeniciaNews.com

02/03/03 Bush bets on aliens Ananova


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