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February 2002

02-28-02 Mystery lights de-mystified Alamagordonews

02-27-02 UFO sightings nearly double in Canada Ananova

02-25-02 Odd occurrences at US Capitol Denver Post

02-24-02 New Brunswick UFOs Canada

02-22-02 Monkeyman back ExpressIndia

02-21-02 Aliens to visit Olympics CNN

02-19-02 Spooked rock band Ananova

02-19-02 Pope 3 demons 0 Stuff

02-18-02 Grover Krantz Dead SeattlePI

02-17-02 Couple builds Munster house Seattle Times

02-17-02 Vampire attacks on rise Ananova

02-15-02 Family sues fortuneteller Ananova

02-12-02 Ghostly arsonists Ananova

02-12-02 Ghostly voices icLiverpool

02-09-02 Demons told me to kill TBO

02-06-02 Debunking the paranormal TIME

02-03-02 Ghosts cause accidents in Thailand Ananova

02-02-02 Ghosts of Virginia Wythenews

02-02-02 Ghost story of the Great Salt Lake MSNBC

02-02-02 Memories of the Apollo Herald Mail

02-02-02 Indiana Bigfoot OmahaChannel

02-02-02 Haunted supermarket BBC


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