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January 2003

01/26/03 Anger as Dracula theme park moved to Bucharest Ananova

01/25/03 Thousands exorcised Ananova

01/17/03 Ghostly voice on tape Ananova

01/17/03 Spook Hill, legend or lie? Polkonline.com

01/17/03 Ghostly voice on tape Scotsman.com

01/16/03 Ghost hunters find orbs Brown County

01/16/03 German satanic cannibals Timesonline.com

01/15/03 Strip club ghost ChannelNewsAsia

01/13/03 Desperately seeking Bigfoot Newhouse

01/13/03 New Bigfoot prints Summit Daily News

01/09/03 Mystery voice ThisisHampshire

01/10/03 Ghost cat BayArea.com

01/10/03 Haunted china cabinet NorthantsNews.com

01/10/03 Not your usual vampires NYTimes

01/10/03 Politician caught up in vampire scare Yahoo

01/10/03 Tragic lives of Indian witches Newindpress.com

01/07/03 Ghost directs family to forgotten letter The Natal Witness

01/06/03 Virgin painting cries Ananova

01/05/03 Colorado Bigfoot Denver Post


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