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January 2002

01-31-02 Satanism on the rise Yahoo

01-30-02 Vampires Exist! WestCountry

01-30-02 Man sleeps with dead lover Ananova

01-26-02 Search for Spirits Herald Mail

01-25-02 Pub Ghost goes Hollywood Gloucestershire

01-25-02 ACLU defends Satan TampaBay.com

01-24-02 'Witch' on trial CNN.com

01-24-02 Football creature terrorizes Chile NCBuy

01-20-02 Auburn restaurant haunted Auburn Journal

01-18-02 Mothman set spooked SciFi.com

01-17-02 X-Files calls quits MSNBC

01-17-02 Pharohs curse strikes again TheAge.com

01-16-02 Bony Bigfoot Almost Street-Meat NCBuy

01-13-02 Ghost to sell milk Union Tribune

01-11-02 How-To class on ghost busting NCBuy

01-10-02 Erotic dreams linked to cemetery Ananova

01-09-02 And yet they don't tell you the name of the movie Ananova

01-08-02 It seems nobody likes Dracula Ananova

01-07-02 Man attacks suspected vampire Ananova

01-07-02 Evil spirit threatens Indian village Ananova

01-04-02 Aykroyd to host new paranormal show Ananova

01-03-02 Cattle mutilations return Great Falls

01-03-02 Flying high with Harry Potter iWon

01-01-02 It's 2002 let the book burning begin Guardian UK

01-01-02 An unnecessary exorcism never hurt anybody NYTimes


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