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Halloween Photo Humor

Every so often we receive a humorous photo here at Haunted Bay. We thought it would be fun to pass some of them along.

If you have taken or have received a humorous Halloween themed photo drop us a line at photo@hauntedbay.com. Be sure to include the photographers name if you know it. If one of your photos is here let us know. We'd love to give you the credit you deserve.

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When pumpkins drink ©unknown
When pumpkins drink

Bad Pumpkin, Bad © 2002 Ian Crockett
Bad Pumpkin, Bad
© 2002 Ian Crockett

Pumpkin Poo ©unknown
Pumpkin Poo

Untitled ©unknown
(Large File 1024x768)

Private Moment © Ian Crockett
Private Moment
© 2002 Ian Crockett

Pumpkin Barf ©unknown
Pumpkin Barf

Drunk Witch ©unknown
Drunk Witch

Halloween Flash © unknown
Halloween Flash

Pumpkin Festival Ahead © Ian Crockett
Pumpkin Festival Ahead
© 2002 Ian Crockett

Chaplin Kitty© unknown
This is just wrong!

Jacked-O-Lantern© unknown
You can never have too many images of pumpkins puking their guts out!

I'm a wizard!© unknown
Arrrr, I'm a Pirate!

Carving with power tools© unknown
Allrighty then

Spooky Pooches© unknown
Spooky Pooches

Hot Dogs© unknown
A Couple of Hot Dogs

Based on a True Story© The Tonight Show
From The Tonight Show:
"Here are the movie listings... Dawn of the Dead - the survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing the flesh-hungry undead, take refuge in a mega shopping mall. Based on a true story." Was I off that week? When did that happen?!

Much like a train wreck, we just can't look away.
Much like a train wreck, we just can't look away.


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