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A new organization has sprung up to support haunters who have had their life work destroyed by fire and theft. This noble effort is led by Erica McElfresh a.k.a. Goblin, of Las Vegas, Nevada. H.H.H. was started after she learned of the recent destruction by fire of Enchanted Castle Studios.

Enchanted Castle Studios of Natural Bridge, VA was run by Mark and Sherry Cline for 19 years. Together they provided fiberglass props for the amusement industry and led haunted tours of Lexington, Virginia to the delight of many.

In the early hours of of April 9, a suspicious fire broke out and gutted the studios. Weeks before the blaze the Clines had been receiving religious tracts in their mailbox and the weekend before, had received a threatening note. It was entitled, "A Ticket to Hell", which had been burned around the edges. The note indicated that their prayer had not worked for them so they'd have to take action.

The fire completely destroyed the Cline's studios including all of the molds and tools needed for them to earn a living. Spared was a small amusement park operated on site but without power or water they will be unable to operate this season.

The search continues for those responsible but that is a matter for the police. The Cline's job is to rebuild. This is a huge undertaking as their insurance covers little more than the mortgages on their buildings. They need your support and haunters Helping Haunters is leading the effort to collect money and equipment for Enchanted Castle Studios.

To contact Haunters Helping Haunters with your donations please visit their website or through the contact information below. The H.H.H. is currently looking for donations of money and a wide variety of equipment and supplies. A complete list is available on the website.

You can also visit the Enchanted Castle Studios website at www.enchantedcastlestudios.com and you can see pictures of the fire by clicking the links.



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Snail contact:
H.H.H. Caretaker
Erica "Goblin" McElfresh
3401 N. Walnut Rd. #324
Las Vegas, NV 89115


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