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Haunted House of Moss Beach
Returns for Fun and Scares

9/20/2014 by Hauntmistress

Haunted House of Moss Beach

Haunted House of Moss Beach

Haunted House of Moss Beach

Haunted House of Moss Beach

The small town of Moss Beach is home to big scares thanks to Rob Tjader, who this October will transform his home into the Haunted House of Moss Beach.

Having made this transformation for many years, Tjader is a pro at offering visitors a fun and scary experience. This year you can expect six or seven different scenes while making your way through the haunt. If you’ve been to the Haunted House of Moss Beach before, you will notice that the action level is heightened by the addition of new and revamped (pun intended) props! The hallways are a bit darker coupled with the effects from walls encroaching on you. The changing scenes will keep you guessing whether you are going the right way. The haunt’s first scene, Vampire Cavern, is a combination of static and pneumatic props that get things off to a good start. There are some darker themed scenes to keep you on your toes and your senses overloaded.

Tjader aims to give each guest a unique trip through the Haunted House of Moss Beach. While you are making your way through, he will be inside monitoring and working the props. He listens to what the attitude or mood is and goes from there, controlling the props, the pace, and the scares. So if you are a scaredy cat or a loud mouth, he will adjust just for you!

Says Tjader, “The Haunted House of Moss Beach is my very own concept and design. I recognize our size is smaller, but I look to give you a lot of punch for a small place. I make every effort to give you a personal touch that most pro haunts simply cannot. I look to build you up and then let you relax a bit with scares and comedy, intermixing both along the way for an overall experience.”

Tjader learned to love the spooky from his father, who enjoyed early horror movies like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Every September as a kid Tjader used to make monsters out of his clothes by adding masks and stuffing shirts and pants so they were able to stand on their own or lean against a wall in his house. He would forget to put them away and would be awoken in the middle of the night by a scream from his sister. His love of haunting was born!

Over the years Tjader has scared a lot of people, leading to some comedic moments. “I have had people make it in as little as six feet, only to turn around, run out, and keep going. As in GONE! I had one teenager that, as I understand it, was talking a lot of smack on the way to the haunt only to get part way inside and pee in his pants. For me though, I think the best story was when I had a mother and her older son go through together only to get absolutely freaked out midway. The mother was yelling, ‘Let us out!’ To get to them, I used one of the access doors in the back, which is part of the main wall, so it appeared as if I was coming through the wall and they both fell over each other screaming and the son was crying. The mother was quite upset with me for scaring them!”

Tjader has always dreamed of taking his time walking through a haunt like Disney's Haunted Mansion so that he can see and experience everything it has to offer and not miss anything along the way. He strives to give his guests the same feeling of being alone in a haunted house. He will let you go back through and your experience will change on the fly, which is another perk that few, if any, professional haunts offer.

Tjader and his family, wife Sophie and young daughter Adriana, produce the Haunted House of Moss Beach for the public’s enjoyment. “The coast is lacking entertainment outlets aside from bars and restaurants. We want to produce a family activity for all ages that will give you a memorable time and will hopefully compel you to donate to UNICEF to help kids in places you and I would not want to be in,” says Tjader. “We take so much for granted when it comes to resources at our finger tips. To know that children the same age as my own daughter have to walk miles for food, water, for school, for safety.  I cannot build anything nearly as scary as that reality.”

At a time when haunts are charging $20 or more for one trip through, this haunt is a scary bargain. So take a drive down the beautiful coast, grab a pumpkin at one of the many pumpkin patches, have dinner at the haunted Moss Beach Distillery, and prepare to get scared at the Haunted House of Moss Beach as night falls.

When Oct. 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25, 31, 2014, 7:30 pm-11 pm
Where 601 Kelmore Street, Moss Beach
Admission Free; donations of any amount appreciated for UNICEF
Contact www.hauntedhouseofmossbeach.com

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