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Goblin's Closet

September 19, 2005

Chuck Jarman, owner of Goblin's Closet (right) with Bil Mosely (left) of House of 1000 Corpses
Chuck Jarman, owner of Goblin's Closet (right) with Bil Mosely (left) of House of 1000 Corpses

Brandy Esparza, Multimedia Artist for Bump In The Night Productions
Brandy Esparza, Multimedia Artist for Bump in the Night Productions, showing off a pair of Fairy Wings at Goblin's Closet

A selection of masks at Goblin's Closet
A selection of masks at Goblin's Closet

Nocturna puppet in front of spooky photographs
"Nocturna" puppet in front of spooky photographs

A selection of masks at Goblin's Closet
More masks at Goblin's Closet

Dok Goulfinger at Goblin's Closet
Doktor Goulfinger at Goblin's Closet

As far as we're concerned there can never be too many stores offering Halloween and horror related wares. This is why we were excited to hear a new store, Goblin's Closet, was opening in old town Benicia on September 15th. We were even more excited to learn that the store would be open year-round.

Goblin's Closet is the creation of Chuck Jarman and his wife Angela. They have a long history of activity in the horror, fantasy, and Halloween industries.

Chuck is a long time mask and prop maker. He started making masks when he was just 9-years old. He worked for a decade at the prestigious Oakland-based Mario Chiodo Studios before leaving 4-years ago to found his own company, Bump in the Night Productions in Vallejo.

Chuck said he wanted to create his own company because he wasn't happy with what was available in the industry. He wanted more detail, fresh ideas, and higher quality. Above all, he wanted to make available products that he himself would want to buy.

 The marketplace agrees with Chuck, since 2001 Chuck has been swamped with orders for his detailed and unique masks, puppets, and marionettes from independent film makers, collectors, and costume shops both nationally and internationally. Bump in the Night Production also licenses select masks and props to the large Halloween stores: Spirit Superstores, Spencer's Gifts, and Halloween Express.

During our chat, Chuck beamed when he told me how his mother told him to forget about making masks because he would never be able to make any money with them. I'm sure you'll agree that we're glad he didn't listen to her on this one.

Angela Jarman, Chuck's wife, has been a success in her own right. In 1994 Angela founded Funtastic Parties, which organizes and produces children's parties and corporate events featuring costumed characters, face painting, and magic. Angela also designs and creates pre-made and custom fantasy wings and costumes.

With the great online success of Bump in the Night Productions and Funtastic Parties, Chuck and Angela jumped at the opportunity to open up a physical retail store when a location became available in The Tannery building in old town Benicia.

Inside Goblin's Closet you'll find an ever changing and eclectic collection of masks, costumes, dolls, puppets, and marionettes from Chuck's Bump in the Night Productions as well as a selection of fantasy wings and apparel from Angela's Funtastic Parties. Goblin's Closet is more than just a showcase for the Jarmans though. They carry a very nice selection of products that the Halloween and horror enthusiast would consider must haves including T-shirts from Rotten Cotton, decor and accessories, hard to find horror movies and shows (ex. Invasion of the Saucer-Men, The Hip Crypt of Doktor Goulfinger), action figures including Mego's Mad Monster Series of action figures, as well as other Halloween novelties.

To kick off the opening of Goblin's Closet, the Jarmans have organized a series of celebrity guests who will be visiting the store and signing autographs. During our visit on September 17th Bill Mosely of House of 1000 Corpses and Boogeyman was signing autographs and Doktor Goulfinger was visiting the store. Future celebrity guests include: Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects), Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), Kevin Scarpino (Son of Ghoul Show), Dok Goulfinger (The Hip Crypt of Doktor Goulfinger), and John Stanley (Creature Features). Visit the Goblin's Closet website for exact dates and times.

What does the future hold for Goblin's Closet? Chuck informed us that they are going to expand Angela's line of fairy regalia with new and exciting wings and costumes and they will also be increasing the number of masks and other products geared toward girls. He also told me that the 2006 series of Bump in the Night Productions masks has already gone into production and they will blow-away what he's done in the past.

Contact Information

Goblin's Closet
129 First Street
Benicia CA 94510


Open Thursday - Sunday 1 pm - 6 pm


Chuck Jarman's Bump in the Night Productions


Angela Jarman's Funtastic Parties


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