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Chia Zombies Dead-in-Time for Halloween

9/24/2014 by Specter

San Francisco-based Joseph Enterprises, the creative force behind such must-have items as the Ove Glove and the Clapper, has come up with a way to get in on the Halloween action. It has taken its Chia Pet product and zombified it!

Now you can grow your very own Lifeless Lisa, Restless Arm (think of an arm reaching out of a grave), and Creepy Holden. Each Chia Zombie kit contains a handmade pottery planter, Chia seeds for three plantings, a drip tray, and planting and care information.

But it’s so simple to grow, you won’t need instructions. Simply soak the planter, moisten the seeds, then paint them on and place the planter in an area with sunlight. Within days your Chia Zombie will sprout and within two or three weeks it will be full grown.

Chia Zombies cost about $15 each and you’ll find them everywhere, such as Amazon, CVS, Home Depot, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

But if you want to get all three Chia Zombies for free, enter Joseph Enterprises’ Chia Zombie contest by sharing your best zombie moan, groan, or scream via the company's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.  A winner drawn at random will receive all three Chia Zombies. The contest runs through October 17, 2014.


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