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Halloween Tunes for Kids

Brainy Tunes is offering children’s Halloween music by The Chills!

The Chills were borne when Brainy Tunes founder Ira Marlowe realized that many kids over five years of age love to be scared, grossed out, and otherwise tormented, and that there was a void of scary music for kids.

There are two “Creepy Songs for Courageous Kids” CDs for your listening pleasure: The self-titled “The Chills” and the new “Know Your Bones”.  

Marlowe’s stated goal is to make kids’ music that’s “too darn good for kids”, aiming for a level of lyrical and melodic quality on par with the very best of what their parents enjoy.

Visit Brainytunes.com for information on ordering the CDs, as well as free downloads, free videos, educational games, song lyrics, and MP3 samples of almost every children’s song in the Brainy Tunes catalog.

URL: www.brainytunes.com


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