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Mystery Spot

Although the Mystery Spot can't really be called one of the Bay Area's haunted places, it is a place that seems to defy the laws of nature. Visitors to the Mystery Spot find strange forces at work that cause billiard balls to roll up hill, people to shrink or grow tall, and the force of gravity to be defied.

History of the Mystery Spot

In 1939, while surveying a plot to build a summer house, the owners of the Mystery Spot discovered strange forces at work on a hillside on the property.

While traversing the hill they noticed their compasses would vary just a little bit. They originally chalked this up to metals or minerals in the ground or perhaps there was an old barbwire fence nearby. Their curiosity wouldn't let them rest and they conducted an investigation. They found no source of metal or mineral that could explain the phenomena. Moreover they found the the phenomena extended over a 150 foot diameter circle.

In 1940 they began sharing the mystery spot with the public and since then hundreds of thousands have visited the spot and it has been featured in newspapers, books, magazines, and even comic books.

The route to the Mystery Spot is well marked
The route to the Mystery Spot is well marked

Entrance to the Mystery Spot
Entrance to the Mystery Spot

Visitors to the Mystery Spot find themselves standing at impossible angles
Visitors find themselves standing at impossible angles

Not many can handle the strange forces
Not many can handle the strange forces

The Phenomena

To truly understand the mystery behind the Mystery Spot one has to visit but here is a short list of strange occurrences that happen at the spot.

  • People who enter the spot grow or shrink as much as 8 inches as compared to outside the spot
  • Billiard balls roll up hill
  • Objects without momentum fall at angles instead of straight down
  • Pendulums are harder to move to the West compared to the East
  • People stand at odd and sometimes extreme angles without falling down
  • Many have reported feeling dizzy or lightheaded while others have felt strange forces pushing them

Many have tried to explain the phenomena of the spot but none have fully explained all of its mysteries. One engineer measured excessive amounts of CO2 at the spot and theorized that this causes light to refract in the same manner as viewing objects through water. Some believe UFO's have planted cones of metal in the hillside to guide their spacecraft. Others say it's strange forms of radiation causing the effects. Still others blame it on the Republicans.

Whatever the explanation you'll be amazed and mystified. The Mystery Spot is open every day, 8AM - 5PM with the last tour leaving around 4:30 p.m. Word to the wise, bring a jacket and sturdy shoes. The Mystery Spot is located in a well-shaded canyon and its paths can be slippery when wet.


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Mystery Spot
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