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1999 Half Moon Bay
Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off

Green thumbs, or orange ones as it were, weren't limited to adults this year. Three entrants ages 5 to 11 proved they had the skill to grow the giants.


Caleb Beck - 8 - 65 lbs.
8 year old Caleb Beck and his 65 pounder.


Elias Beck - 11 - 118 lbs.
Caleb's older brother Elias with his 118 lb. pumpkin


Nico Krause - 5 - 282 lbs.
5 year old Nico Krause with a 282 lb. Atlantic Giant he grew
in Woodside CA. Nico, the youngest grower to enter the weigh-off
was quite the celebrity appearing on all the major news shows.


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