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Halloween in the Castro 2002

Wow, Local news reports placed the crowd in the Castro at over 300,000 on Halloween night! This makes it nearly three times its average size and the largest Halloween celebration in San Francisco history. The large size of the crowd forced the closure of two additional blocks of Market Street.

Over 300,000 in the Castro on Halloween

Police estimated as much as 60 percent of those who attended were from out of town. Some came from as far away as Oregon to attend this one night event. We met a large group from Denmark who planned their annual vacation to coincide with Halloween just so they could come to the Castro.

This year wasn't all fun and games though. There were 4 stabbings and 30 arrests. The incidents were mostly gang and alcohol related. In a crowd larger than most cities and fueled by large amounts of alcohol and substances the amount of negativity was remarkably low. Most people were there to have a good time and they sure did.

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Halloween in the Castro 2002

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