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Weekend guide for 10-8 to 10-10-2004 by the Hauntmistress

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The second weekend in October is when many of the haunts around the Bay Area open their doors ready to thrill you!  There are so many events to choose from it can make your head spin like Linda Blair's. Here are our top picks of this weekend's events. Links to our calendar are provide for all the details you'll need in order to attend.

Friday 10/9 - Saturday 10/10 - Sunday 10/11

Friday, October 8th

What better way to wind up the work week then by taking relaxing but spooky tours of places you only think you know all about already?  

Sacramento offers Old Sacramento Ghost Tours, where you explore its unique and intriguing history and extraordinary architecture by flickering lantern light. Experience an eerie escorted evening walk of suspense into the dark edges of the dramatic historic district and discover Old Sacramento's haunted heritage.

San Francisco offers three great tours to choose from!  

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt is a 2-hour tour of some of the city's most notorious haunted places. Hear ghost stories based on serious documented research, see and touch eerie haunted artifacts and learn how you can catch a ghost.

The Haunted Haight Walking Tour takes you through the famous Haight-Ashbury district as you discover real haunted houses and hear macabre tales, and urban legends.

On The Vampire Tour of San Francisco you will visit Grace Cathedral, the Nob Hill Cafe, Huntington Park, the Pacific-Union Club, the Fairmont Hotel, the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the Nob Hill Inn, and the Marines' Memorial Club. You will be told the history of each of these stops, and how Vampires played a role in that history.

Saturday, October 9th

Time to visit haunted houses!  This weekend some of Haunted Bay's favorite haunts are opening their doors and you don't want to miss any of them.  Go this weekend so you can visit more next weekend!   

North Bay

Dragon's Head Inn in Sonoma has turned the story of Dragons and Knights into a terrifying haunt. And this, their 11th season, is going to have even more ways to bring you to your knees in terror.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo features ultra-intense haunted houses, bizarre new shows, street theater of the absurdly scary, and the normal rides of the park.

In Fairfield, The Dead End Haunted House bills itself as a new concept in commercial haunted attractions. They are not simply in your face "boo!" scares with a bunch of black walls. They say their haunted house is an adventure for all the scenes with theatrical designed sets, professional animatronics, special effects, and working actors. Visitors may remember this group from its production of Hangman's Follow.

East Bay

Pirates of Emerson in Fremont is one of Haunted Bay's favorite haunts.  This is a haunt that has taken the art of scare to a new, higher level. They make extensive use of special effects, robotics, actors, realism and animatronics. This is real adrenaline pumping excitement - definitely not for the faint of heart!

The Haunted MAiZE at Ardenwood is a very popular corn maze in Fremont that is not recommended for those under 8 or faint of heart.  If you don't make it out, don't blame us!

South Bay

Gyro's 3D Fear Factory in Cupertino features two haunted houses (Psychotic Episodes and Frightmares) and Gyros history museum.  The Gyro's 3D Fear Factory in Sacramento also opens this weekend.

Join Ghost Trackers for a special haunted tour of the Grant Ranch House in San Jose. Explore the historic mansion by moonlight with only a flashlight mad your imagination!

Sunday, October 10th

There are a lot of fun, family activities to do today around the Bay Area and here are our top picks.  

North Bay

The Halloween Spooktacular and Scarecrow Challenge in Yountville features month-long displays of giant ghosts, ghouls, and a scarecrow contest sponsored by Vintage 1870 and Compadres Bar & Grill for competing elementary schools from around Napa Valley.  A nice little Fall outing for the kids and plenty of shops to occupy the parents!

Western Railway Museum Pumpkin Patch Trains in Rio Vista offers a five-mile scenic electric train trip to Gum Grove station, where visitors will discover a Pumpkin Patch tucked in a hidden, wooded glen far from the trappings of modern life. In this safe and tranquil setting, visitors can purchase pumpkins of all shapes and sizes at popular prices.

East Bay

It's harvest time at Ardenwood Farm in Fremont! Bring your family and join your friends for some down home country fun. Lend a hand in harvesting the Indian corn and popcorn that was planted last April, and help fill the farm's corn cribs. You will even get to take home some of our colorful corn for your holiday table.

South Bay

Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy will transform its entry bridge into Scarecrow Alley. Guests will be treated to over 30 one-of-a-kind scarecrows, as they make their way into the park. Each scarecrow is homemade and is designed, created, and maintained by local organizations.

If you still haven't found an activity, be sure to take a look at Haunted Bay's extensive calendar. There are literally hundreds of activities happening around the Bay!


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