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Anonymous Pumpkin Manifestations

October 19, 2004 by TechnoShroom

Halloween has long been known as the time when the the veil that separates our living world from the world of dead is at its thinnest allowing spirits from that netherworld to roam free in the world of the living. With that in mind a new idea has been spreading around the web, the idea of the Anonymous Pumpkin Manifestation (APM).

The basic concept behind the APM is to spread Halloween cheer to those who would not otherwise be inclined or able to participate in the holiday by secretly placing a pumpkin on their doorstep on one of the nights leading up to Halloween.

People who are too busy, too infirm or elderly, or people with limited financial means make perfect candidates for APMs. Even your stuffy relatives can benefit from an APM to re-instill the proper Halloween spirit.

Upon waking in the morning, the recipient of your APM will discover the pumpkin, deposited secretly in the still of the night as if by a ghost, and be reawakened to the fun that is Halloween.

Variations on the theme can include pre-carving the pumpkin and including a candle and a small note or creating a small spooky display with pumpkin, spider webs, Indian corn, and candy. The only limit is your imagination and enthusiasm for Halloween.

So pick your intended "victims" and get out there and spread some Halloween cheer!


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