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Bay Area Top Picks 10-31-2014 to 11-02-2014 10/27/14

It’s Halloween! It’s hard to narrow down all the fun and exciting things going on in the Bay Area, but we have attempted to do it for you.  Here are our Top Picks for things to do for Halloween weekend!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-24-2014 to 10-26-2014 10/21/14

It’s the weekend before Halloween and our here are our Top Picks for trick or treating, parties, ghost walks and tours, and more!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-17-2014 to 10-19-2014 10/14/14

It’s the third weekend in October and there are plenty of fun activities happening. Here are our Top Picks!....more

2014 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/11/14

A new California and North American record is set at the Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off. John Hawkley of Napa takes it all with a gargantuan 2,058 lb pumpkin!.....more

Fear Overload Preview 10/11/14

Fear Overload Scream Park's producer gives insight into San Leandro haunt.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-10-14 to 10-12-14 10/08/14

It’s the second weekend in October and fun fall events are happening all over the Bay Area. Here are our Top Picks of things to do!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-03-14 to 10-05-14 10/02/14

October opens with festivals, movies, and theater in celebration of the scariest of months! Here are our Top Picks for things to do this first weekend in October....more

Chia Zombies Dead-in-Time for Halloween 09/24/14

Is it a zombie? Is it a Chia Pet? Just in time for your Halloween decorating, it's both. Here come the Chia Zombies....more

Scream Park California Invades Sacramento 09/20/14

Scream Park California’s vision is to produce adult-only Halloween theme parks around the globe. One of the producers tells you more....more

Haunted House of Moss Beach Returns for Fun and Scares 09/20/14

The small town of Moss Beach is home to big scares, thanks to the Haunted House of Moss Beach....more

A New Haunt Has Rolled Into Oakland! 09/20/14

ScareCo Haunted Attraction presents Platform 13 at the 16th Street Station....more

Halloween in Ireland Gets Scarier Than Ever Before 09/11/14

The Bram Stoker Festival may not be in the Bay Area, but our roaming correspondent will make you want to take a trip to the Emerald Isle....more

MTV At Work on Show Based on Scream Movie 09/11/14

A television show based on the movie “Scream” is coming to MTV!....more

Movie Coming About the Winchester Mystery House 09/11/14

A movie about the Winchester Mystery House is scheduled for release in 2015! It will be the first ever shot inside the “house built for the spirits!”....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-25-13 to 10-27-13 10/22/13

It's the last weekend in October so it's your final opportunity to enjoy Halloween activities. Here are our Top Picks for fun!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-18-13 to 10-20-13 10/17/13

Make the most of this weekend by attending one of the great Halloween or harvest events the Bay Area offers. Here are our Top Picks!....more

Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/14/13

Congratulations Gary Miller of Napa for winning the Half Moon Bay Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off with his 1,985 lb pumpkin!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-11-13 to 10-13-13 10/10/13

The month is off to a great start with plenty of harvest and Halloween events throughout the Bay Area. Here are our Top Picks for things to do this second weekend in October....more

Dead Time Dreams Interview 09/27/13

Haunted Bay sat down with the owner of Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions in San Jose to give you a glimpse inside this haunted house and what it takes to produce one!....more

Fear Overload Preview 2013 09/27/13

Haunted houses aren’t just for kids! San Leandro’s Fear Overload partners with GYRO’s to bring the scares to adults this Halloween....more

Halloween Economics 09/26/13

The Economics of Halloween: Spending projected to be down, but far from scary in 2013!....more

Bodega Celebrates 'The Birds' 08/27/13

Bodega and Bodega Bay Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'....more

The Bay Area honors those who have passed with Day of the Dead celebrations in November. 10/29/12

The Bay Area honors those who have passed with Day of the Dead celebrations in November.....more

Scares and Fall Fun Continue After Halloween 10/29/12

Scares and Fall fun continue after Halloween ends. Here are some events to keep you busy....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-29-12 to 10-31-12 10/25/12

Never fear, when the last weekend in October is over, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Here are our Top Picks.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-26-2012 to 10-28-2012 10/25/12

It's officially your last chance to have some weekend Halloween fun. Here are our Top Picks!....more

Classic Spooky Movies Hit Theaters in Celebration of Halloween! 10/22/12

Classic Spooky Movies Hit Theaters in Celebration of Halloween!....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-19-12 to 10-21-12 10/19/12

October is half over, but the events just keep getting better! Here are our Top Picks for this weekend!....more

Free Fall Festivals 10/10/12

Free festivals around the Bay Area help ring in the Fall....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-12-12 to 10-14-12 10/09/12

It's the second weekend in October, and here are our Top Picks of things to do....more

Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off 10/08/12

It's Thad Starr for the win at the 2012 Half Moon Bay Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off.....more

Bay Area Top Picks 10-05-12 to 10-07-12 10/03/12

It's the first weekend in October! So it's time for our first Top Picks of the month....more

First Day of Fall 09/20/12

At last, the first day of Fall is at hand and Fall fun is just around the corner!....more

Halloween Wars returns for a second season on the Food Network! 09/16/12

Gain inspiration and watch contestants duke it out on Season Two of Halloween Wars!....more

Get into the Halloween Spirit Be a Haunter! 09/15/12

Want to help provide scares this Halloween? Become a haunter at one of the Bay Area's haunted houses!....more

Fright Nights Returns to the Winchester Mystery House 09/02/12

Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights is back for 2012 with more than 100 spine-chilling characters and surprises around every corner.....more

Strange News
10/28/1410 spooky properties you can buy just in time for Halloween — if you dareDailyNews
10/11/14Washington man killed by bus at Idaho corn mazeSFGate
10/10/14Eeriest place in Bay Area: A place of death in San LorenzoSFGate
9/25/14Police: 'Ghost' caught on surveillance videoSFGate
9/24/14Halloween store predicts top costumes of 2014SFGate
9/23/14Benicia to host conference on paranormal activityContra Costa Times
9/20/14Ventura County Farmer Strikes Gold With Creation Of Ghoulish PumpkinsCBS Los Angeles
9/11/14Thieves steal pumpkins grown by preschoolersYahoo
6/18/14British tourists claim to photograph ghost on AlcatrazSFGate
10/07/135 haunted lighthouses to climb if you dareFox
10/01/13Original Night Stalker' Still Haunts Police In CaliforniaInquisitr.com
9/27/13Walmart pulls Naughty Leopard costume for toddlersSFGate
9/26/13Mental Patient Halloween Costume PulledKron4
9/26/13Haunted house drops 'naked and scared' promotionSFGate
9/25/13California Sex Offenders Get Halloween VictoryABC
4/03/13Someone alert Buffy: Hellmouth found in TurkeySFGate
4/01/13Easter Bunny as harbinger of HalloweenMercury News
12/01/12Vampire on the loose in Serbia?SFGate
11/14/12London show views death through artists' eyesSFGate
11/01/12Police called for 'dead' woman find Halloween zombieSFGate
10/30/12Santa Cruz police to use triple fines to keep Halloween revelers in lineMercury News
10/29/12San Jose ghost hunters converge at supposed paranormal hotspot -- and it's not the Winchester Mystery HouseContra Costa Times
10/27/12Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasionSFGate
10/21/12Police: Costumed Pa. girl mistaken for skunk, shotSFGate
10/15/1210 of the Most Haunted Homes in the USZillow
10/11/12Halloween TV specials: Munsters reboot 'Mockingbird Lane' to air on Oct. 26Examiner
10/09/12Yes, the Gluten-Free Movement Has Finally Reached Your Halloween BucketSFWeekly
10/01/12World's largest-ever fruit dominates Super Bowl of pumpkin weigh-offsBoston Globe
09/28/12The Great New England Vampire PanicSmithsonian
09/28/12Cornell's 'Haunted' Halls RevealedCornel Daily Sun
09/28/12Manhattan haunted house based on real-life serial killers outrages relatives of victimsNY Daily News
09/27/12The battle to find sasquatchTimes Colonist
09/27/12Ke$ha Says She Had Sex With A GhostHuffington Post
09/27/12Killer on the road: why mass murderers haunt US highwaysBBC
09/26/12Obama beating Romney, in mask salesHuffington Post
09/22/12Haunted Ships Great Spots For Ghost Hunts, Researchers Say Huffington Post
09/14/12San Antonio's Shadowy Hat Man Spooks ResidentsSan Antonio Current
09/10/12A Fairy Encounter in Nineteenth-Century MadridStrange History
09/10/12Kirk Hammett: Some kind of monster fanSFGate
09/06/12Need a reason to visit Los Angeles?LA Times
08/08/12Could there finally be a reason to visit Detroit?Yahoo
07/06/12Could there finally be a reason to visit Detroit?Time
06/06/12Bulgaria: Skeletons treated for vampirism foundSFGate
04/27/12Winchester Mystery House to be subject of a scary movieContra Costa Times
04/20/12Coffin-prepared hot dogs even a vampire would relishMercury News
04/18/12Jonathan Frid, actor in "Dark Shadows", dies at 87SFGate

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