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Spooky ghost with pumpkin candy sack


At first glance this is what we all have pictured as your basic Halloween costume. Something you might remember seeing in a Charlie Brown comic. Tradition is good, but in this case, from a safety standpoint, it can be greatly improved. First, notice the bottom of the costume. Although it is high in front allowing your youngsters feet to move the sides come down and drag on the ground. When running around and turning to go up to a house this can become wrapped around their legs and feet causing a nasty spill. The long flowing nature of the costume also poses a fire danger if brought too close to a Jack-o-lantern lit by a candle. Consider raising the hem of the costume.

The construction of this particular costume doesn't allow for the mobility of all the limbs. Depending on the age of your child and their motor skills this may not be appropriate. Very young children use their arms frequently for balance. Use your best judgment when picking age appropriate costumes.

Notice the eye openings these are made of a mesh material, while attractive they reduce visibility especially in low light situations. A hazard they can't see is one they can't avoid. Consider painting their face and leaving the mesh off.

This costume was made from a cotton sheet. However, care should still be taken to provide adequate ventilation. This will not only increase their safety but their comfort as well. There is no point in making a costume that they are only going to wear as far as the next house before it is flung off. Consider painting their face rather than covering it or if their costume choice doesn't lend itself to that approach add extra ventilation and choose breathable fabrics.

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