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Star Trek Party

This party idea was sent in by Erica Layman

One year we had a surprisingly easy and really fun theme party for Halloween, a Star Trek themed party. With six television series and ten movies your guests will have a huge volume of reference for costume ideas. We had Klingons, Borg, other assorted aliens, planets, and Star Trek characters from three different decades attend.

Captain Kirk Spock Klingons Shran and Archer


For your main party area, get out all your "white" mini Christmas lights. Use pushpins or tape to secure them to your walls. Cover everything pictures, fireplace, etc. Next, cover your walls from floor to ceiling with inexpensive black vinyl tablecloths (sold at party stores for under $2 a piece); secure with pushpins. Plug in those lights and Presto!


Feeling ambitious? Get some gray vinyl tablecloths and draw, paint, or scrapbook on them such things as turbolift doors, com panels, etc. Cover your hallways with these. You really don't need much else. We also covered some columns with blue tablecloths (with blue lights beneath) to simulate the "warp core". We set a red-lensed strobe light on a very slow speed to simulate the "red alert" of an imminent breach. Too Fun! 


In addition to Erica's fine ideas above the Star Trek universe, being fantasy, means you can be as far out as you want to. With a little fake fur and some sewing skills you can fill up your party with loveable Tribbles! Have your guests go on a Tribble hunt and give a prize to the guest or couple who find the most. Or fill a cabinet with Tribbles and have an unsuspecting guest open it making them all come tumbling out just like on the series. They can also be a great and memorable door gift.

Tribbles Everywhere!


Of course there is the ever popular costume contest. Small fun prizes always encourage participation. Aside from giving away Tribbles how about a fine bottle of Romulan Ale or Klingon Blood Wine? All you need is a little artistic ability, an inkjet printer, and a glue stick. Remove the label from the beverage of your choice and print your own fantasy label.

For the truly ambitious create a video of stars and planets culled from the series or other TV shows and play them on your televisions during the party. With some cardboard and paint you can make your televisions futuristic "viewers" showing what's happening outside your spaceship!

The details of your party are important and require proper planning and thought. The details make your guest's experience rich and fun but the most important thing in planning and setting up a theme party is to make it fun for you. When you're relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself your guests will be too.




This is the official website for everything Star Trek. It contains a wealth of information about the characters, the aliens, and the stories. A very useful tool for designing your costume and decorating your home.

Star Trek Fan Club

The Star Trek Fan Club offers an extensive line of Star Trek paraphernalia for costumes or home decoration. Need a 6' tall cut-out of Picard or a communicator pin? They have it!


Goodwill Industries stores are a great way to support your community and find base materials for your costumes. If you don't know where a Goodwill store is in your area they have a locator on their website.

Have an interesting idea for a party or more ideas for this one? Contact Us and share your ideas. If we use your idea we'll give you full credit.


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