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Guess the Body Part

This is a fun game for groups of younger children. There are many variations of this wonderful game but in its most basic form, different objects are placed in covered* bowls or boxes and a child places his or her hand in and feels the contents and tries to determine what "body part" is contained inside without looking or removing the contents. Below is a list of body part substitutions, just in case you're not a member of the Gein** family and want to substitute food items for real body parts. 

In this basic form, the bowls or boxes can be passed around while the children sit on the floor, or the bowls or boxes can be set on a table and the children stick their hands in as they pass by.

A more elaborate version, and one that I'm most fond of, involves the adult leading the children blindfolded in small groups to a separate room. While leading the children to the room the adult begins to tell them an elaborate story about a mass-murderer (or witch, ogre, troll, or other suitably scary character) who collected the parts of its victims and stored them in containers in its secret lair. It just so happens that lair is rumored to be located in part of the building they are in right now!

As the game and story telling continues, the children are assembled in the "lair" and the adult proceeds to make "discoveries" of body parts which the children must identify without removing their blindfolds. When all the "discoveries" are made the adult ushers the children out.

After the game it's a good idea to have the children go straight to a clean-up area with lots of paper towels. If this is to be done outside without a source of soap and running water then a bottle of the no-water needed anti-bacterial hand wash is a good idea to have on hand. It's available at most drug stores and is reasonably priced. 

Body Part What you can use
Eyeballs Peeled grapes, oil covered grapes, pimento olives, small hardboiled eggs
Guts Cooked spaghetti, cased sausages with most of the inner sausage removed, marshmallows strung together and made damp and slick with water and oil
Hair Old wig, dried corn silk
Ears Dried apricots
Brain Over cooked cauliflower
Heart Skinned tomato, cow heart
Teeth Un-popped popcorn, corn-nuts
Toenails Pistachio or walnut shells
Veins Cooked spaghetti
Vomit Chunky Salsa (add chili for a more meaty texture)
Poop Mashed potatoes with canned corn and/or cooked ground beef added
Worms Real worms, greased "gummi" worms
Body meat Cheap tenderized roast cuts
Other organs Cow heart, liver, kidney, cow tongue (all are available at most supermarkets, you may have to ask the butcher)

*  Bowls can be covered by placing two partially overlapping towels across the top and placing a rubber band around the rim to hold them in place. Children simply reach their hand in between the two towels. Boxes can have holes cut in their tops to allow the children access.

**  Just in case you missed the reference, we were referring to mass-murderer Ed Gein on whom the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was loosely based. There is also a recent movie titled Ed Gein and it is reviewed here.


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