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Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party

Pumpkins lined up ready for judging

A simple yet fun party idea for children and adults is to have a pumpkin carving party. Have each guest bring a pumpkin to carve. You may want to have a couple extra pumpkins available for those who may forget to bring theirs. There's always one in every group.

To make this go smoothly you'll want to have the carving area set-up in advance. Make sure you have a large enough area so that people have room to move. For a small party this can be a large table. With more than a few guests move everyone outside.

Cut open a few large trash bags and lay them out on your carving surface. Then cover this with a few layers of newspaper. This will make clean up at the end a breeze. You'll be able to just roll up the pumpkin guts, newspaper, plastic and all and deposit them in the trash.

After the plastic and newspaper are down, set out the carving and gutting implements. If your group is primarily children you'll want to use the safety saws available in most pumpkin carving kits. For adults, lay out the better knives and saws. If you want to roast the pumpkin seeds later have a small bucket or bowl handy so your guests can separate out the seeds as they gut their pumpkins.

As your guests arrive direct them to place their pumpkin in the carving area you've set up. Allow some time for adults to mingle and children to play. When everyone has arrived and had a chance to mingle it's time to start the carving. Direct everyone to the carving area and announce there will be prizes. The attention span of your group will vary but an hour is usually the maximum amount of time this activity will last.

As people complete their carvings place them in an area large enough to hold all the pumpkins and position them so they can all be seen. If your party is on Halloween day, place the pumpkins in the front yard for everyone to see. Just after sunset place a lit candle (or several if you're using tea candles) in each and have everyone vote on which one is the best. You can have secret ballots or a fun way of voting is to have everyone howl as you place your hand over the pumpkin. The pumpkin with the loudest howls wins.

If there are many pumpkins you may want to have multiple categories: Scariest, Funniest, Prettiest, Most Picasso, Ugliest, etc. 

No contest would be complete without prizes. Small gift bags full of Halloween novelties are great for children. Gag gifts, more mature prizes, or humorous acts they must perform are perfect for adults.

You'll need
  • Plenty of newspapers
  • Strong trash bags
  • Large spoons or pumpkin gutters
  • Carving knives or safety saws
  • Candles (tea candles are cheap and work great)
  • Long handle fireplace lighter
  • Ballots (optional)
  • Prizes

The Halloween season is a busy time for most families so you may want to send out invitations well in advance for your Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party. Haunted Bay eGreetings are a great way to get everyone informed.

Have an interesting idea for a party or more ideas for this one? Contact Us and share your ideas. If we use your idea we'll give you full credit.


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