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It's All About Halloween

It's All About Halloween is a word game. There are several ways of playing this game. Here are two versions.

The first version is easier and generally more fun for children. Gather everyone together in a circle and pick a person to go first. That person will say a word that has some relationship to Halloween. For example they could say Ghost. The next person to the right must say another word in some way relating to Halloween that begins with the last letter of the previous word. In our example the last word was Ghost so this person could answer Torture. The catch is they cannot use a word that has been said before. If a person cannot think of a word or duplicates one already said he or she is out. The game continues until there is only one person remaining.

The second version is more challenging and better suited to adults with a larger vocabulary. It starts the same as before with gathering everyone together and picking a person to go first. This person says a word with a relationship to Halloween that begins with the letter A. The person to the right says a word that begins with the letter B. The game continues through the alphabet. As before if a person cannot think of a word beginning with the appropriate letter  or duplicates a word already given they are out and the game continues until there is only one person left.

Since this version is more difficult, you may want to exclude some letters of the alphabet to make the game move more quickly and to be more fun.

Here's an alphabet to give you some ideas.

  • A - Actors, Agony, Apparition
  • B - Bat, Bitten, Bighting, Blood
  • C - Candy, Cauldron, Children, Crypt
  • D - Death, Dismember, Devil
  • E - Evil, Eerie, Exorcism
  • F - Fiend, Freddy, Fear, Fright, Forbidding
  • G - Gargoyle, Grim Reaper, Ghost
  • H - Halloween, Harvest, Hobgoblin
  • I - Institutionalized, Ichabod, Icky
  • J - Jack-o-Lantern, Jack the Ripper, Jaundiced
  • K - Kill, Kobold, Kelpie
  • L - Loch Ness Monster, Lycanthropy, Lust
  • M - Monster, Maniac, Mummy, Maze, Maim
  • N - Night Hag, Nocturnal, Nosferatu
  • O - Owl, Omen, October
  • P - Puss, Putrid, Party, Pumpkin
  • Q - Quackle, Queen of the Damned (Note: normally this is too difficult for most people. You may opt to just use a word with the letter Q in it or skip this letter all together.)
  • R - Rancid, Ravenous, rapping
  • S - Skeleton, Samhain, Sorcerer
  • T - Transylvania, Torture Chamber, Treat
  • U - Undead, Undying, Unusual
  • V - Vampire, Vampirism, Vortex
  • W - Werewolf, Witch, Warlock
  • X - Xylomancy, Xyster, Xanthic (See note for Q)
  • Y - Yarn, Yell, Yowl (See note for Q)
  • Z - Zombie, Zealot, Zucca (See note for Q)

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