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Black Rats

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Submitted By: Hauntmistress
On: 10/06/2002 03:45 PM

Occasion: Halloween
Effort: Easy

1 pkg. almond slices

1 pkg. chocolate almond bark

2 jars marachino cherries with stems

1 pkg. Hershey Kisses

1 tube red cake frosting

1 tube white cake frosting

How to Prepare:

Melt almond bark in microwave, stirring often.

Dip cherries in chocolate and lay on waxed paper with
stem sticking out like a mouse's tail from its body.

While still wet, adhere Hershey's Kiss to cherry, forming rat's head.

Using a toothpick, dab a little chocolate in two places behind head,
and adhere 2 almond slices for ears.

Use frosting to make red nose and white eyes.
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