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Spaghetti and Eyeballs

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Submitted By: Hauntmistress
On: 10/04/2002 10:50 PM

Serves: 10
Prep Time: 1 Hour
Occasion: Any
Effort: Easy

2 lb. lean ground beef

1 1/2 cups seasoned bread crumbs

2 tbs. ketchup

2 eggs

1 tbs. fresh basil or 1 tsp. dried

7 oz. pimiento-stuffed olives

26 oz. prepared pasta sauce

1 lb. spaghetti

1 tbs. olive oil

How to Prepare:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix ground beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, eggs and basil in a large bowl. Using the meat mixture, form about 30 small meatballs.

To make the eyeballs, press an olive into each meatball, pimiento side out. Place the eyeballs in a baking dish, cover with the pasta sauce and bake for 45 min.

Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water.

Drain and rinse the spaghetti, and toss with 1 tbs. olive oil to prevent strands from sticking together.

Put on a platter or in a large serving bowl.

Spoon the eyeballs onto the spaghetti, irises up, and spoon the pasta sauce around them.
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